Collection: RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket

For four out of the last five decades, English Classics has reproduced the RAF sheepskin flying jacket as used by Pilot and Crew, both before and during World War II. The RAF jacket was originally designed by Leslie Irvin, and became an essential part of the airman's wardrobe.  It was subsequently produced in great quantities throughout the war years by a number of different manufacturers, giving rise to the many and various minor pattern changes. 

Our RAF Jacket features:

  • Aviator Quality Sheepskin with honey coloured wool
  • Solid Brass Zips and Buckles
  • Hide Seam Strips and Collar Backing
  • Zip Fobs & Brass Collar Chain
  • Two pockets as standard
  • Hand made on traditional machines for over thirty years
  • Delivery 7 days if in stock, 7-14 days if made to order